Bethenny’s back! This time with a $5M Soho apartment

Reality TV star and creator of the Skinnygirl booze brand, Bethenny Frankel, is shedding yet another part of her much gossiped about real estate portfolio. Frankel is letting go of her two-bedroom Soho apartment, slapping it on the market for $5.2 million.

“When I bought the apartment, I was in a situation where I really needed to buy something,” Frankel tells People Magazine of her $4.2 million October 2014 apartment purchase.

Back in 2014, Frankel was going through a divorce with Jason Hoppy that played out for almost four years because of another property — a Tribeca apartment she purchased before the split. Ultimately, the Tribeca property was sold for $6.9 million.

“It was a time when I needed to get some stability for Bryn and myself and I needed a home for us,” she said. “Our Soho apartment is an amazing place, but I’d like a bigger place now for both of us.”

Frankel gave her Soho apartment, located at 22 Mercer Street, quite a bit of love, carefully renovating the 2,392-square-foot space. Today, the apartment boasts a sunken living room with fourteen foot high ceilings, triple-paned arched windows, a wood burning fireplace, a balcony and a landscaped atrium, according to the listing.

“I have been doing really well in real estate and I’ve got the bug,” Frankel added. “When buying, I think, ‘Would I like to live here?’ and also, ‘Is it also a good investment?’ It’s a really unique place not a cookie cutter place and I did a great renovation to make it even nicer — and more valuable.”

Frankel recently gave everyone skinny on her real estate holdings, revealing that she also rents an apartment in Soho that she uses as an office and owns another home in the Hamptons. All-in-all, she acquired three new homes in the past four years.

“I never like to buy anything new and perfect,” she tell People. “I adopt these properties, and give them some love. I never bought the apartment with the intention of living there permanently. I added value and now I’ll find another place to do the same thing to.”