Single this Valentine’s Day? These are the best NYC neighborhoods for finding romance

(credit: Miramax)

Don’t despair, singletons! StreetEasy — of all places — is here to find you love.

The listing site teamed up with the dating app Hinge for a new study on the best neighborhoods to live in if you’re looking for a perfect mate (or maybe just a date).

Their findings? Single people should head to the West Village, where residents are twice as likely to find a date as other residents in the city (though they are also much pickier and less likely to respond to a potential mate). Williamsburg is home to the most single 30-somethings, and Astoria is the top Queens hood for romance. Those who live in Murray Hill, Gramercy Park and the East Village were the chattiest on Hinge, while those who live in Lincoln Square were the most likely to meet in real life.

The findings are all summarized in the handy, dandy infographic below. You can read the full study here.

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