An artist is opening a Gilded Age exhibit in Central Park

The William C. Whitney ballroom (credit: Public Art Fund)

And here we thought it wasn’t possible for Central Park to get any fancier.

Liz Glynn, a California-based artist, in partnership with the Public Arts Fund, is opening a Gilded Age-themed public art project in the Southeast corner of Central Park. Called “Open House,” the project will feature reproductions of the grand furniture from William C. Whitney’s famous Gilded Age ballroom designed by Stanford White. The exhibit will feature nearly two dozen pieces, including antique French sofas, chairs, and footstools.

Glynn fully acknowledges the irony of her show given its proximity to Billionaire’s Row in a new interview with Architectural Digest. “There’s a lot of contention around air rights right now—people are building skyscrapers that hurt the landscape of the park because of their shadows,” she said. “This is just one more moment in the ongoing conversation about affordable housing, public-private partnerships, and freedom of assembly.”

The show opens March 1st and runs through October. [AD]

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