Ta-Nehisi Coates sells BK brownstone for $2M

From The Real DealWriter Ta-Nehisi Coates sold his five-bedroom brownstone in Prospect-Lefferts Garden for $2.1 million, after saying he no longer felt safe at the address.

The Atlantic writer and author of “Between the World and Me” paid $2.1 million for the house at 207 Lincoln Road in April last year.

But after The Real Deal and other news outlets ran stories about the purchase, Coates wrote a piece in the Atlantic saying his family would no longer be safe in the home, and would not live there. “Within a day of seeing these articles my wife and I knew that we could never live in Prospect-Lefferts Garden, that we could never go back home,” Coates wrote. “If anything happened to either of us, if anything happened to our son, we’d never forgive ourselves.” [more]