Forget Disneyland, Ferrari Land is about to open in Barcelona

If you like your family vacations with a hearty does of horsepower and gasoline, you’re in luck. On April 7, Ferrari Land will open just outside of Barcelona at the PortAventura theme park.

The new attraction will be home to five rides, reports Condé Nast Traveler. There’ll be the Vertical Accelerator, which will launch riders up 368 feet at 112 miles per hour — making it the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe.

Then there’s the Bounce-Back Tower, which reportedly mimics the bouncing movements of engine pistons. And naturally, there’s a test track that will allow visitors to get behind the wheel of their very own miniature Italian supercar.

Although, if you’re less of a thrill seeker and more of an observer, a selection of varying Ferrari models will be on display in the attraction’s faux Italian village, including Berlinettas, Californias, Speciales, Italias, and Spiders, along with select Formula One cars.

While it all sounds very exciting, we’d much rather wait in line at Bordeaux’s wine theme park, or perhaps at the 20-acre Eataly World.

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