Vogue runs totally tone-deaf travel guide to Newark

And we thought the New York Times including the South Bronx in its “52 Places to Go in 2017” list was bad. At least their write-up was blissfully short.

Vogue, however, used a lot of words on their completely tone-deaf and uninformed travel guide to Newark, New Jersey. In fact, we’d argue it’s just as offensive as that Karlie Kloss-in-yellow-face photo shoot.

According to Vogue, the troubled city of Newark is not just “a mere stopover” for residents of New York City, but actually “a city whose beauty has remained hidden to the unfamiliar and uncurious eye.” What news for the nearly 300,000 people who live there!

“The veil is slowly being lifted on a renaissance movement that has been decades in the making,” Vogue writer Kimberly Reid says. She goes on to recommend classic Newark experiences, like visiting a number of art galleries — where one can find a “sense of deep contemplation, especially in these trying times;” snapping Instagram pictures at the Cherry Blossom festival; going to beer gardens; taking Lyft rides to healthy soul food restaurants for those who “want the experience but can do without the calories;” visiting the Ironbound neighborhood where she claims locals are “enjoying seafood as fresh as if it were caught just moments ago” (even though the crabs from the Passaic River in Newark are literally toxic); and, this being Vogue, engaging in “destination shopping.”

Of course, when it comes to finding a place to stay, there is “currently a lack of amazing hotel offerings in Newark.” But don’t worry, two new hotels are opening in the city and even better, a Whole Foods is too! We’re not sure that the nearly 80,000 people who live below the poverty line in Newark will really have much use for those new offerings, but hey! It’s progress.