One guy is trying to raise $200K to join the Mar-a-Lago and “save Western Civilization from nuclear fire”

Wonderful evening with Melania, Prime Minister Abe, Akie and my good friend Bob Kraft!

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Lots of people were disturbed by the news that President Donald Trump held a meeting to discuss the nuclear crisis in North Korea in full view of diners at the Mar-a-Lago.

But one man was inspired. So inspired, in fact, that he started a Go Fund Me page to raise $200,000 so that he too can join the Mar-a-Lago and hang out with Trump while he conducts top-secret business (or just plays golf).

“You need me there. You want me there. I’ll be the guy who shouts ‘HEY PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP GO DISCUSS HOSTILITIES WITH A NUCLEAR POWER IN A SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION FACILITY!'” John DeVore writes on the page.

If DeVore receives the $200,000 he needs to join the club, he promises he will “do whatever I can to prevent nuclear war. Even if that means giving surprise wedgies to any new Mar-a-Lago staffers with deep Russian accents.”

Right now, DeVore is at $985, so he’s got a ways to go, but even if he doesn’t hit his $200,000 goal, he has pledged to donate the money he does raise to Planned Parenthood “because providing affordable and vital healthcare services to women really seems to annoy Trump supporters.”

If you’d like to donate (or even just read the rest of his very funny letter), you can do so here.