Etsy seller tries poetry to sell $150,000 subway sign

Times Square subway station sign (credit: Streetreasure via Etsy)

One hopeful Etsy vendor is trying to part ways with a 100-year-old subway sign for a whopping $150,000.

The pricy black and white sign reads “Times Square,” shows signs of expected wear-and-tear, and really… that’s all there is to it.  The seller, Scott Stein (a.k.a. Streetreasure on Etsy) told Gothamist that the piece was made by the Baltimore Enamel Company on Fifth Avenue.

As part of his sales pitch, Stein penned a slam poem, perhaps in the hope that his lyrical pizazz will woo buyers. Read it and weep:

“Location Location Location
Next stop
Times Square Station !
Seems everything in Manhattan
is up for grabs as of late
so here’s your opportunity to own a prime piece
of NYC real estate
well below current market rate
Authentic and original Architectural Salvage
Bitten straight from The Big Apple.
Where people the world over
shuttle and commute like cattle
Circa early 1900’s this piece is close to 100 years old
if this sign could speak …oh!
the stories that could be told…”

Similar signs over the years (credit: Streetreasure via Etsy)

“I acquired this sign at The New York Americana Pier Show almost 20 years ago [and] have been collecting and selling vintage signage for even longer as a hobby,” Stein told Gothamist. “There is no paperwork with this piece—as with most of all old New York street and subways signs they were scrapped or kept by workers who later sold them off.”


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