Warren Buffett lists characteristically modest Laguna Beach home for $11M

Warren Buffett’s genius for investing seems to extend to real estate.

The so-called “oracle of Omaha” has just listed his longtime home in Laguna Beach for $11 million, reports the Wall Street Journal. Buffett purchased it in 1971 for only $150,000, because his first wife liked the area even though it “wasn’t fully developed.” Since then, Buffett says, the area “just took off,” hence his much higher asking price. He noted that he had put a considerable amount of money into renovating the home.

The 3,600-square-foot home has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and a separate viewing deck for with views of nearby Emerald Bay.

The listing, with Billy Dolby of Villa Real Estate, has some rather strange images of the property. Not only is it very modestly furnished (consistent with the billionaire’s frugal style), but it also features an odd cutout of an elderly woman who is the founder of See’s Candies (a company Buffett has invested in), a bathroom lined in New Yorker covers, a spare copy of the Wall Street Journal, CNBC playing on the TV and even a bottle of Coke (another Buffett investment).

We’re just wondering if a nice juicy stock tip is also in hiding somewhere in the house…