Yet another outrageously priced spec home in LA asks $100M

How many spec homes asking nine figures can one city handle? Quite a lot it turns out.

A spec home asking $100 million has just hit the market, reports the Wall Street Journal, barely a month after another spec home in the city was listed for $250 million.

Called “Opus,” the 20,500-square-foot home is in the exclusive Trousdale Estates neighborhood and comes with seven bedrooms and eleven bathroom. There’s also a slew of totally unnecessary bells and whistles that we suppose help justify its price. These include: a gold Lamborghini Aventador and a gold Rolls-Royce Dawn; $2 million worth of artwork (including three Damian Hirsts); 170 bottles of Cristal champagne; “electric toilets that do everything for you”; “a television that comes out of the ceiling and spins around 360 degrees”; and a full-time house manager, whose salary has been pre-paid for two years.

The home’s developer, Nile Niami, is also building more spec homes, which he now claims he will list next year for $500 million; when we first wrote about them, they were $115 million, but we suppose they’ve gotten five times better? That’s a whole lot of Rolls Royces.