People are trying to sell Supreme-branded MetroCards for $1K

As if MetroCards weren’t expensive enough.

Four days after limited edition Supreme-branded MetroCards hit the shelves at the company’s flagship store — and just one day after the MTA announced their sale at subway stations — entrepreneurial and optimistic eBay and Craigslist users are already trying to resell the sought-after cards for up to $1,000.

The transit passes branded with the trendy streetwear company’s red and white logo and loaded with $5.50, were released Friday at Supreme’s store on Lafayette Street as part of the label’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. On Monday morning, the MTA announced on Twitter that a limited quantity had been loaded into vending machines at several subway stations across the city, reports DNAinfo.

The announcement caused swarms of Millennials and teenagers to gather around machines in the hopes of nabbing the cards.