Artist David Hockney says he’ll never quit smoking, thank you very much!

Like colors? Like swimming pool? Then you probably like David Hockney, the 79-year-old British pop artist, who captured a striking vision of life in sunny Los Angles with his painting “Big Splash.”

Hockney was recently interviewed by Esquire, and we learned that the famed artist enjoys anonymity, cocaine (well, in the 80s anyway) and having enough money to do whatever he wants. He doesn’t like new New York City (no bohemians), the price of art, war or self-preservation. Good to know.

But Hockney, as he is wont to do, is also pushing against the grain in another way, by smoking — an vowing to never quit.

“I’ve smoked for 62 years, so why stop now?” Hockney says. “Picasso smoked, died at 91. Matisse smoked, died at 84. Monet smoked, died at 86. What are they going on about?” Wonder if he’s ever read this rather fascinating book?