Cannabis cocktails are coming to a bar near you

We’ve been writing about pot a lot recently. That’s partially because the very, very rich are now embracing the increasingly-legal herb. The other reason is that people keep coming up with fancy ways to incorporate marijuana into everyday life. And the latest pot product to come our way is such low hanging fruit we can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner — we’re talking about weed cocktails.

Slowly but surely mixologists are experimenting with incorporating THC into their cocktails, according to Playboy. But there are some serious obstacles for those looking to sell the ultimate buzz.

For one, it’s super illegal to combine weed and booze virtually everywhere — even in states where weed has been legalized. Second, it’s a powerful combination not for the causal drinker.

“The first time you take someone out for Thai food, you don’t order the five-star spicy dish. You start small and work your way up,” Warren Bobrow, the writer behind Cannabis Cocktails, the first book on the subject, says. “Any idiot can get everyone wasted, but I don’t recommend that.”

Nevertheless, some brave epicureans are blazing the trail for cannabis cocktails. Jason Eisner, beverage director for Gracias Madre in Los Angeles, included a trio of cocktails that incorporate cannabidol (CBD) into his restaurant’s menu. CBD is the chemical component of marijuana responsible for many of its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, according to Playboy. “I found a loophole,” Eisner says referring to the CBD extract that’s made from legal hemp. THat makes hime the first liscensed bartender in America getting people high with cocktails.

We’re sure it’s just a matter of time before this lands in Brooklyn. Check out this video on the topic by Eater.