Residents share what it’s actually like to live in a Trump building

Trump Tower (credit: Achim Hepp via Wikipedia)

President Donald Trump likes to talk big about what a great real estate developer he is. But what is it actually like to live in one of his buildings?

To find out, New York Magazine interviewed residents of his buildings throughout the city, who shared some rather interesting and insightful commentary on their contentious addresses. The most surprising outcome? That the residents — Trump supporters and non-supporters alike — seem to really like where they live. The buildings are incredibly clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, and some people even enjoy the thrill that comes from being escorted by the Secret Service.

Our favorite comments below.

“Cleanliness is like an obsession: They clean in the morning, they clean in the afternoon, and it’s always perfect. So when I heard he was running for president, I thought, Well, if he does one-third of the good job that he does running the building, we will be in very good shape.” Susana Galli, Trump Parc

“I’ve seen people in the elevator with a real-estate agent, and they say, ‘Do you live here?’ And I say, ‘Yes. Buy now. Buy now. It will be Christmas, or Hanukkah, whichever it is, every day of your life.’ That’s one of the most descriptive things I can say: Every day is Christmas.”  —Anonymous resident of Trump Parc

“When the Secret Service started to get involved and then the mayor closed the street, it started to become very uncomfortable for a lot of people. I personally don’t care. But some of the ladies, especially the ones that come from a different country or a different background, they’re not used to that kind of treat­ment, and so some of them are very, very upset.” Guido Lombardi, Trump Tower and the Mar-a-Lago

“[The Secret Service] may be a little trouble, but it sort of becomes fun. I’ve got five people with machine guns on one side of me while the protesters are screaming. It makes me feel very important. I’ve never had that kind of protection in my life.” Elaine Rigolosi, Trump Tower

“I send out emails when people are coming here, saying, ‘Please don’t blame me for the name on the door.’ And they understand when they get here.” James Tufenkian, Trump World Tower

“Knowing how everybody in New York hates Donald Trump, I’ve been thinking to myself, Oh, maybe they won’t raise my rent as much this year. I’ll be getting my new lease any minute now, and we’ll see.” Susan Klausner, 140 Riverside

“What if he ends up doing okay as president? There’s always that option. Then everybody would want the name back on the building.” Jack Rouse, Trump Place

[NY Mag]

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