Around the world in 80 properties: A Tudor farmhouse in Southern England

The home (credit: Sotheby’s International)

In our latest series, we profile a different spectacular home each week from around the world.

This delightful Tudor farmhouse in Rotherfield, England looks like it fell out of a fairytale. Between its winding hallways, lush gardens and scenic pond, we certainly can’t imagine a more fun place for children to grow up. And at £4.5 million (about $5.6 million), it’s certainly a lot more affordable than anything comparable in New York City.

The 20,732-square-foot home, called Coes Hall, has eleven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool plus a sauna, a movie room, a five-car garage, stables, an orangery with a glass roof and views of the pond.

Outside, there are many, many gardens and other hidden delights; there’s a circular garden that overlooks a lake, a fruit and vegetables garden, landscaped stone gardens, four ponds and a tennis court.

The listing, at Sotheby’s International, notes that the home is near the village of Rotherfield, East Sussex, where you can find a “shop and a pub.” If we lived here, we’re pretty sure that’s all we would ever need in life.

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