Here are the 5 craziest items in this year’s (un)official Oscar gift bag

Rooting for Isabel Hupert to win the Oscar this Sunday? Well even in the likely event she does not get it, you can take comfort in knowing that the French movie star will go home from the awards ceremony with a very nice (if somewhat strange) gift bag in tow.

The contents of the gift bags that all Oscar nominees in the actor categories receive have been released, and as usual, they are chock full of some crazy stuff.

The company that offers these gift bags, Distinctive Assets, settled a lawsuit with the Academy Awards last year over the Academy preferring not to be associated with the “unseemly” gift bags. They eventually settled the case, with Distinctive Assets agreeing to explicitly state on a press release that the gift bags have “No affiliation with any official Oscar® Bag or A.M.P.A.S.®.”

Perhaps also because of the lawsuit, the company has not released the total value of the swag in the gift bags, but did tell Vox it’s somewhere in the six figures (last year’s was worth over $220,000).

Below, the strangest items on the list.

1) A five-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai, Hawaii:

Opening soon: A new luxury haven on the island of Kauai, #Hawaii. @koloalandingresort

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2) A Casper mattress for the actor/actress and their dog (??)

3) Dandi Sweat Patches to absorb the celebs sweat (we didn’t even think they did sweat!)

4) CPR Training Kits from the American Heart Association

5) And, last but not least, a cellulite massage mat from a brand called “SweetCheeks.”