“Private” is the most-used word in the city’s priciest listings

LLNYC’s listing word cloud

When it comes to advertising New York City’s most expensive real estate, brokers work hard to set their listings apart. Listing descriptions boast of one-of-a-kind pleasures and amenities. But read two or 20, and it all begins to melt into the same old over-the-top broker babble.

So LLNYC decided to gather the text from the 25 priciest listings in the city — including 8 East 62nd Street834 Fifth Avenue 7/8A and 100 East 53rd Street PH — to cut through the noise and discover what NYC’s high-end real estate is really all about. We analyzed over 9,000 words of property-prose to conclude which words are most popular with brokers.

Above is the resulting word cloud.

Excluding the, is, and and so on, private was the word that came out on top. Followed closely by floor, views and Central Park. No surprises there.

Words like spectacular, stunning and magnificent also made the list.

But the least used included the likes of sex, drug, and rock — yes, really.

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    And the use of LLCs (to purchase homes across all income levels) is another way of maintaining some privacy.

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