Cuozzo is at it again…and this time he’s taking on Anthony Bourdain

There’s a lot of things to be frustrated by in New York — empty mansions, the death of middle class, ridiculous co-op rules, etc. But, according to grumpy New York Post food critic Steve Cuozzo, the real problem with city living is food trucks. That’s right, Cuozzo has no love for street food — no matter how creative. And he blames exotic food evangelical Anthony Bourdain for their growing popularity in NYC.

“Enough’s enough!” Cuozzo writes. “The malodorous menaces clog up enough city streets and spew too many discordant scents into New York’s already pungent air.”

He also accuses food truck of steal the business of “real” restaurants —fightin’ words! 

“I get a kick out of watching rich Wall Street guys stand in the cold for 20 minutes to buy lukewarm tacos. [But] most of what’s cooked and sold on the street is meh at best,” he adds.

Meanwhile food trucks are gaining in popularity, with many hoping to change laws to allow up to 8,000 trucks by 2023. So who is to blame for making Cuozzo small lamb over rice? Anthony Bourdain of course!

“Since Bourdain first romanticized it on TV, street food has become the Holy Grail of gallivanting chefs who prowl the Third World in search of obscure, peasant-wrapped dumplings before bedding down for the night in five-star hotels,” Cuozzo argues.

However, he is willing to make concessions. He likes the spiced lamb and chicken kati rolls at Shaheen Malik’s Biryani House cart at Broadway and Cedar Street. K, great. Now go inside and eat like a grown up!