Tracing city wealth subway station to subway station

NYC is one of the richest places on planet earth, with 79 billionaire residents collectively worth $364.6 billion. But — and here’s that word, inequality — New York is also packed with folks who are just barely getting by. And one way to see the drama of outrageous wealth and tremendous poverty in NYC is to hop aboard the subway.

The New Yorker recently traced incomes by subway station with interesting results.

The study found that the Chambers Street 1, A and C stations — and the stations immediately surrounding it like Park Place and World Trade Center — had the highest median household income in the city, earning $205,192.

That wealth drops dramatically by the time you reach Canal street just two stations away, which has a median household income of $75,556.

The wealthiest station on the Upper East Side was the 77th Street 6, where households earn $168,661. In Midtown, those who live near the Fifth Avenue 59th Street station had incomes of $171,000. And on the Upper West Side, folks earn much less, making about $121,674 next to the Natural History Museum.

The poorest station in the city is the Sutter Avenue L stop in Brooklyn where household had median incomes of just $12,288. [New Yorker]