Roses are red, violets are blue. I prefer money, how about you?

Flowers for Valentines day? How passé. Everyone knows that the real way to your paramours heart is through cold hard cash.

One man in China evidently understands exactly that.

The innovative gentleman from the northeastern Jilin Province called upon a florist earlier this month to turn approximately $1,450 worth of bank notes into a crisp, red bouquet. Each individual bill in the 10,000 Yuan bundle was rolled into the shape of a rose.

Naturally, when images of the genius gesture were shared to social media, people voiced an assortment of opinions.

“This is a much more practical gift than a bouquet of flowers. In a few days, those flowers would wither and die,” one web user wrote, reports Shanghaiist.

Another disagreed with the method. “This way you have to unwrap the bills one by one. It’s too much effort. It would have been better to just give her the money, and then one flower.”