A psychologist for the ultra-rich dishes on what billionaires stress about

Billionaires have got 99 problems …. and no one wants to hear about them.

Well, almost no one that is. Brad Klontz, a psychologist and certified financial planner works with the uber-wealthy to help them deal with all the emotional angst they have about having so much money. In a recent interview with the Times, he outlined some struggles billionaires have to contend with that regular people just couldn’t understand

Our five favorites below.

1) Billionaires know for a fact that money won’t solve all their problems: “Billionaires can look behind the curtain and see the wizard doesn’t exist,” Mr. Klontz said. “More money is not going to make them happy.”

2) And yet, they can’t stop obsessing over it: “Their entire self-image and all their self-esteem is wrapped up in the pursuit of money.”

3) Literally no one feels bad for them: “As a society, we don’t have the head space to entertain the notion of a billionaire having a bad day.”

4) But they have problems too, just like us! “In many ways, I would say they are just like you and I, if we had a billion dollars,” he said. “Different problems, but not a lack of problems.”

5) They don’t know who their real friends are and this makes them sad: “They often have a distorted feedback loop. People are drawn to them for their status and perceived power, so they tend to be surrounded by people who endorse their worldview and don’t challenge their way of thinking. Very few people are honest with them.”

Yeahhhhh, nope. We still aren’t feeling any sympathy. [NYT]