In a divided America, New Yorkers share wine on the subway: PHOTO

The divide between left and right, poor and rich, urbane and rural has never been starker. But in the midst of all the chaos and vitriol, New Yorkers are taking every opportunity they can to come together and show the world that solidarity is possible.

Politics and travel reporter Colleen Hagerty recently witnessed this first hand when she saw a full bottle of wine roll out from under a subway seat. Now normally two things would happen here: 1. Everyone would eye the bottle with suspicious as it rolled erratically around the car. Or, 2. Someone would snatch that up (who lets good wine go to waste?).

But something unusual happened last Saturday. “Now these 2 strangers popped it open & are drinking it. This is peak NYC,” Hagerty tweeted.

This is indeed peak NYC and gives us hope for a future where the subway is full of fine Burgundy shared amongst equals on common ground.