People are paying $8K-a-month to give their dogs good manners

Want a perfectly-mannered dog but don’t want to go through the trouble of actually training it? Well like anything else in New York City, you can pay someone to do it for you. But be prepared to shell out big bucks.

A “canine well being expert and Puppy Nurse” Lexi Beermann charges $4,600 for a one-week boot camp for badly-behaved doggies, plus offers a “maintenance” package of $8,000-a-month. “I’m like Mary Poppins for dogs,” Beermann tells the Post.

One of her clients sure seems happy to pay; “I’m off to Jamaica for a week, and Lexi will live in my house and take care of Rasta and Reggae,’’ she said. “When I come back they shall have Park Avenue manners!”

After all, “they’re divine little dogs, but they can’t be chewing on my shoes or alligator bags.’’

Training isn’t the only thing dog owners are willing to spend big on; there’s also chiropractors and masseuses; Uber cars to bring nurses from the city to the Hamptons to care for sick doggies; $75 rhinstone manicures; a doggie psychologist who charges $650-per-session; and $80 doggie hiking trips.

Still, all of this is worth it because dog owners are too lax with their dogs, letting them get spoiled and lazy: “Dog are like Gremlins — if you don’t stick to the rules, there is a little monster lurking inside every adorable puppy.” [NYP]