Woman busted for allegedly stealing a $13K mink coat after she wore it on Instagram

The rich kids of Instagram aren’t the only ones getting themselves in trouble for posting pictures of their lavish lifestyle.

Ex- Moda Operandi employee, Angeline Chidowore, was arrested and charged last week with grand larceny for allegedly stealing a $13,000 red mink coat from her former employer and then posting a picture of herself wearing it on Instagram, reports DNA Info. Her boss had noticed the coat was missing after Chidowore was fired for taking clothes out of the stock room in December. A few days later, she spotted Chidowore’s Instagram post, and contacted the authorities.

Chidowore’s lawyer denies the allegations, telling DNA Info that it could have been an assistant or an intern who took the coat, and that Chidowore was supposed to take photos of the items in the stock room as part of her job.

“In some cases, not necessarily this one, they do put coats on and take pictures with the company phone or iPad. When she came back to work, things were confiscated from her. There are some inconsistencies in what they’re saying,” he said. [DNA Info]