Skater dudes are bummed about Supreme’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton

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Though the Supreme-branded Metro Cards that went on sale last week were a huge hit among skaters and eBay-sellers, the skater brand’s other collaboration — with Louis Vuitton — has been less-than-popular with its core audience.

“I think it’s stupid as s–t,” one such dude told WWD. Says another: “It solidifies Supreme’s place in fashion, which is so stupid. They started the brand as a f–k you to fashion, and now they’ve become it.”

It’s true that once upon a time, Supreme was for trendy downtown skater dudes who were looking for clothes that were a little bit irreverent (though not too much). At a certain point, however, collectors who were not necessarily skaters started seeking out rare Supreme pieces and paying big bucks for them.

This Louis Vuitton collaboration is seen as a continuation of the trend toward serving collectors instead of the brand’s core skater base. A Supreme and Louis Vuitton-branded skateboard carrier, for instance, is expected to cost $54,500.

Louis Vuitton did respond to WWD’s request for comment, but Supreme did issue this statement: “Throughout the history of the brand, we’ve seen our customers have apprehensions whenever we do something unexpected. However, we have always stayed true to the culture from which we came.”

No offense, but $55,000 skateboard carriers seem a little far from skater boy chic. [WWD]