Because of Trump, NYC may get less tourists this year experts say

Times Square (credit: Sam Valadi)

Tourists, love them or hate them, they are certainly good for the economy in New York City. And now, for the first time in seven years, experts are expecting 300,000 fewer foreign tourists to visit, costing the city about $600,000 million in sales.

The reason? President Trump.

Fred Dixon, the chief executive of NYC & Company, tells the Times that “it’s pretty clear” Trump’s new immigration plan “is going to be unwelcoming,” and tourists from abroad may choose to travel elsewhere because of that.

Online searches for hotels and airline bookings to the United States have dipped since the election, the inauguration and especially since Trump’s travel ban. “We’re going to be looking at a very challenging year for U.S. travel,” Adam Sacks, president of Tourism Economics told the Times.

Still, New York City wants everyone to know that regardless of where they come from, they are welcome here. Says Alicia Glen, the city’s deputy mayor for housing and economic development, “It’s in our values and in our economic interest. We’ll keep reminding visitors what we stand for, so we can keep this both the most internationally visited and the safest city in America.” [NYT]


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  • Anon.

    This seems like an irresponsible article. After all, I don’t recall seeing an article from you about the rise of the value of the dollar and its impact on tourism (which is probably a lot more relevant).

    • Sean Haley

      A rise in the dollar is bad for tourism. Less purchasing power from people from abroad… <— there's the article. That's about it.

  • One Eyebrow Capital Mangment

    This story is lie and fakenews. I just spoke to many friends in Europe and they all plan to come here because Trump was now elected with 46% majority. My friends from france are excited too see a film at the Ziegfeld theatre then stroll down the street to Carnegie deli, they have been doing so for 30 years now! Also, i will take them to JR park row to help them buy a new camcorder.

    • Professor Roy Hinkley

      Of course, you are aware that the Ziegfeld theatre and the Carnegie Deli are both permanently closed


    Some of the tourists are not welcome because they tend to overstay and dissapear.


    Ever since the news get involved with politic and put their 2 cents in, we don’t trust these news

    • Sean Haley

      Ok, Sméagol. “We” don’t trust these newes, yep Sméagol still read and comment on it.

  • SBowes

    The lack of tourists has nothing to do with the homeless thugs harassing people, the smell of urine at every subway stop, or the cast of Hamilton berating a VP (hey lets not go see a Broadway show!) or the insane cost of staying in a hotel let alone getting a drink or dinner?
    Over half of America is now boycotting the Marxists.