Meet the Trump administration’s Tim Gunn

The current White House administration isn’t known for being especially sartorial. Our president rarely buttons his jacket and his red ties stretch far beyond his belt line. Steve Bannon looks like someone who might ask for change on the train. And Trump’s alt-right fan boys look rather silly with their fascist-chic haircuts and Hugo Boss. But there is someone in the White House who cares about the subtleties of style. He even wrote a book on the subject. Meet Michael Anton, the Tim Gunn of the new right.

Anton is the the National Security Council’s new senior communications director, who wrote “the Flight 93 essay,” a pro-Trump tract decried as “xenophobic and authoritarian.” according to Bloomberg. He also served as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. And in another life, he penned “The Suit: A Machiavellian Approach to Men’s Style.”

In his guide to donning a suit, Anton explains that his book’s goal is to “rescue an America that is shabbier than the English, haughtier than the French, more fashion-enthralled than the Italians, without style, without class, shoddy, garish, unkempt, vulgar, and enduring blemishes of every sort.”

I say! And just in case you were concerned that his isn’t opinionated enough, Anton has posted 40,000 times on the menswear bulletin Styleforum, the Intercept reported.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Anton’s book on haberdashery is its subtitle: “A Machiavellian approach…” Why exactly, you may ask? Well, for one, Anton is a devotee of the 15th-century political thinker. So, we guess channeling him came naturally. But as Bloomberg points out, the faux-antiquated language just sounds cool when you are talking about fashion.

“It should … be avoided by those ample of neck and rotund in face, because its soft folds only amplify those inherent in the wearer,” Anton writes.

Over all the book is a fundamentalist but useful guide for the well and conservatively dressed man. Maybe we should send a copy to his boss. [Bloomberg]