Doug Aitken’s mirrored house is here just in time for Coachella

#DougAitken “Mirage,” 2017 #DesertX

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Even though Coachella isn’t until next month, there’s already an Instagram-worthy structure in Coachella Valley just begging to be photographed.

American artist Doug Aitken has built a small mirror-clad house in the Californian desert as part of an installation series appropriately called “Desert X.” It features 16 artworks spread across the valley. But the mirrored building, dubbed “Mirage house,” is definitely a stand out — if you can find it, as the mirrors camouflaging the structure amongst it’s scenic surroundings.

“Mirage distills the recognisable and repetitious suburban home into the essence of its lines, reflecting and disappearing into the vast western landscape,” Aitken told Dezeen.

Spending my days hunting art in the desert. #DesertX

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The house is based on California ranch architecture, as one might have guessed, with inspiration stemming from architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Mirage house will stay intact until Halloween. So fear not Coachella goers, you will be able to take the perfect, surreal Instagram photo. [Dezeen]