France is getting its very first permanent fashion museum

The Palais Galliera (credit: Siren-Com via Wikipedia)

Though it may seem shocking that the fashion capital of the world does not have its own fashion museum, somehow it is indeed true. Or at least, it was true. Now, the Palais Galliera, which has hosted a number of fashion exhibits over the years, is finally getting permanent fashion galleries, thanks to a generous €5.7 million donation from Chanel.

“Supporting an institution like the Palais Galliera is part of our mission to bring fashion history to life,” Chanel’s president of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky told Vogue.

The fashion rooms will be known as the Gabrielle Chanel Rooms, and will be located in the 7,200-square-foot basement of the museum. Visitors can expect exhibits on everything from 18th Century fashions to more modern shows on today’s biggest designers.

The permanent exhibit space will open in 2019, but the museum will continue to feature fashion exhibits until then, such as a show on Cristóbal Balenciaga, which will open next week. [Vogue]

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