Judge throws out lawsuit against wild Wildenstein’s $81M townhouse

In yet another legal win for the wild and wicked Wildenstein family, a judge has decided to throw out a lawsuit brought against David Wildenstein over the fate of his $81 million Upper East Side townhouse.

Len Blavatnik, the billionaire owner of Warner Music and an investor in “Hamilton,” sued Wildenstein in November, saying the two “shook hands” in an agreement that Blavatnik would purchase Wildenstein’s townhouse at 19 East 64th Street. Blavatnik claims that Wildenstein used that agreement to then turn around and get an even better offer from someone else (that someone is rumored to be a Chinese conglomerate paying $81 million for the house).

Blavatnik, however, did not have much luck with his suit; Judge Shirley Werner Kornreich noted that real estate transactions in New York require a written contract in order to be enforceable, and told his attorneys that Blavatnik should have known better.

“Your extraordinarily sophisticated and well-heeled client… relied on an oral telephone conversation,” she said. “He clearly knows that is not sufficient for a deal.”

David Wildenstein’s father, Guy Wildenstein, also recently dodged some legal troubles of his own in France, where he was cleared of owing €250 million in back taxes in January. [NYP]