Elevator obsessed Saudi Royal packs 506 tons of luggage for nine day trip

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz is heading on vacation this week, but this royal isn’t limiting his luggage to a carry on. For his nine day trip to Indonesia, Salman is bringing 506 tons of cargo with him, reports the Washington Post.

Included in his hefty haul is two Mercedes-Benz S600 limousines and, curiously, two electric elevators — we’ve got to admit that one stumps us. The trip marks the King’s first visit to the country in more than 40 years, and along with his luggage he’ll be bringing an entourage of roughly 1,500 people, the Post reports, including 10 ministers, 25 princes and at least 100 security personnel.

A further 572 workers were required by the airfreight company to deal with the king’s luggage.

In 2015, Salman was criticized by French locals after his 1,000-person entourage forced the closure of a beach on the French Riviera due to privacy and security concerns. On the same trip — much to the dismay of the town’s Mayor — the group poured concrete directly onto the sand in an unauthorized attempt to install an elevator, perhaps one he’d brought with him from home.

[Washington Post]

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