The Hotel St. Regis Mumbai offers what might be the best brunch in the world

We really hope you didn’t skip breakfast this morning because after reading about one intrepid Forbes reporter’s brief visit to the St. Regis hotel in Mumbai, you will be craving it. In an article that reads like a long-winded informercial for the property, the journalist makes the bold claim that the hotel offers the best breakfast buffet in the world.

Housed on the 9th floor of the tower in the “glossy” Seven Kitchens restaurant, the buffet offers something for each of the more than 500 visitors each morning. Ranging from sweet treats like gelato and waffle bars, to healthier choices like fresh fruit, juices and detox smoothies, the 18,000-square-foot dining room has multiple kitchens and white-coat-clad chefs, whipping up a variety of tasty offerings.

Much like that of a high-end cruise liner, the buffet boasts a wide range of international noms, such as a Chinese dumpling bar, British delicacies like bangers and beans, and a smattering of Indian breakfast goodies. The man at the helm is Executive Chef Akhilesh Singh, who recently joined the property after working at Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Dubai Sports City. Singh tells Forbes the breakfast service requires a whopping 15 chefs. He said “the night shift consists of four chefs to start the preparation, and then at 5 A.M. the cooking begins – although most of the dishes are prepared live as per the guests’ choices and preferences.”

Well that certainly makes us feel bad about our hastily grabbed street cart coffee and stale donut. [Forbes]