Antiques Homeshow: Sotheby’s showcases innovative interior design

Sotheby’s, the 270-year old auction house, launched its first ever Designer Show House this week. Held on the sixth floor of their headquarters at 1334 York Avenue, the site provided a blank canvas for six interior designers, who transformed the roughly 19 foot-by-19 foot spaces into unique rooms of their own creation.

According to Sotheby’s press release, the goal of the showroom is to educate buyers on how to incorporate antiques into their otherwise modern living spaces. The six designers had to abide by only one rule: They had to make use of Sotheby’s in-house inventory of printed textiles, paintings, sculptures and furnishings.

“So often people think of fine art collectibles as unattainable, or that an 18th-century chair can only be used in a period-designed room. The truth is that you can mix and match fine art that ranges from the Baroque to today, making for a very contemporary design,” Csongor Kis, Sotheby’s specialist on French and Continental furniture, told Luxury Listings.

The six interior designers, including Daun Curry and Ryan Korban, are described by Kis as “up and coming, young and talented.”

In addition to getting unfettered access to Sotheby’s rare collectibles — including some items that are valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars — the designers were given free rein to create the type of room they wished to design.

“We didn’t want to restrict the designers,” Kis said. “Any direction they wanted to go was fine with us. We didn’t know what they were going to do. We trusted that each designer would have a varied look.”

The resulting looks are diverse — one space, a dining room, mixes candelabra sconces and an art-deco painting — but one aspect unifies them: Among the spaces, there are no bedrooms. “It was interesting that the designers preferred to use the large space they were allotted for sitting rooms, libraries and dining rooms,” Kis said.

The designer showroom is open through Sunday; click here for more info. — Reshmi Kaur Oberoi


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