RIOULT Dance NY celebrates their Winter Gala: PHOTOS

Dancers Sara E Seger and Michael S Phillips (credit: Eric Bandiero)

Dancing was on the menu last night at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. The venue played host to RIOULT Dance NY’s Winter Gala.

The evening’s festivities included pop up performances by RIOULT dancers as well as an excerpt during dinner of a new work set to the music of Deep Purple, which will be premiered at their Joyce Theater, from May 31 – June 4.

Kim Bleiman, Paola Duran, Gina Delio and Chris George (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Maria Cristina Anzola, Pascal Rioult and Kathleen Turner (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Michael S Phillips, Sherry Smith and Michael Harris (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Sally Cummins, Jake Deibert and Joyce Larson (credit: Eric Bandiero)

Guests included Kathleen Turner, Maria-Cristina Anzola and John Heimann, Joe Armbrust, Cece Cord, Marianne Coughlin and Bob Davis, Kate Davis, Isabel Davis, Sophie Elgert, Eric Von Stroh, Susan Fraser, Michael Harris, Sharon King Hoge, Hazel Kandall, Jack Rosenthal and Holly Russell.

Charis Haines and Susan Fleck Feiner (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Joanna Walker, Eric Von Stroh, board member Susan P. Fraser, Denise Seegal Darrow, Sandy Vietor (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Kim Bleiman, Pascal Rioult and Chris George (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Ed Williams, Augusta Nadler, Joanna Walker, board member Susan P. Fraser, Eric Von Stroh, Sophie Elgort and Bill Walker (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Marianne Coghlin, Kate Davis and Bob Davis (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Dancers Jake Deibert and Michael S Phillips (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Hope Greenfield and Lane Harwell (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Joyce Herring, Kathleen Turner and Amy Harrison (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Michael Flynn, Melinda Kelly and Joe Armbrust (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Lisa Mueller, Jack Rosenthal and Holly Russell (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Connie Fazekas and Hope Greenfield (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Mary Sealfon and board member Hazel Kendall (credit: Eric Bandiero)
Terese and Paul Zlotoff (credit: Eric Bandiero)

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