The Museum of Art and Design hosts book signing party for former French Vogue editor: PHOTOS

Joan Juliet Buck, April Gow, Roddy Gow (all photos credit: Annie Watt)

Obviously, a party for the former editor of French Vogue was going to attract a very chic crowd. And the Museum of Art and Design’s book-signing event, which honored Joan Juliet Buck who served as the editor from 1994-2001, did not disappoint.

Candace Bushnell, Barbara Tober

Hosted by Barbara Tober (the Museum’s chairman emeritus) and Michele Cohen (the current chairman), the party was to celebrate Buck’s new book, “The Price of Illusion.” Tober and Buck discussed their time at Condé Nast, which they described both as “finishing school” and “hell.”

Guests included Candace Bergen, Samantha Boardman, Ben Brantley, Tina Brown and Sir Harold Evans, Susan Cheever, Shelly Fremont, Michael Gross, Angela Missoni and Bruno Ragazzi, Isaac Mizrahi, Sheila Nevins, Nancy Newhouse, Elizabeth Peabody, Steven Rattner and Maureen White and Salman Rushdie.

William Rayner, Katherine Rayner
William Ivey Long, Edgar Batista, Peter Borland
Lysa Rohan, Greg Rohan
Lee Austin, Salman Rushdie
John Moore, Melinda Anderson, Peter Borland
Leanne Straus, Alain Coblence, Jessica London
Marshall Rose, Michele Cohen
Christopher Mason, Susan Gutfreund, April Gow
Terry Fabrikant, Kim Metz
Mary Huack, Ann Dexter Jones
Dale Haddon
Edgar Batista, Michele Gerber Klein, Charlie Scheips
Kate Bailey, John Habich, Betsy Scanlan, Anne Faulk
Donald Tober, Dr. Young Yang Chung
Freddy Leiba, Wendy Goodman Isaac Mizrahi
Nancy Newhouse
Maria Christina Angolapartie
Chance Morrison, Bruce Grivetti
Andrea Blanche, Patrik Henry Blanche
Barbara Tober, Lauren Day Roberts, John Guare, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Skylar Guare
Eric Boman, Barbara Tober, Peter Slesinger
Mary Jane Marcasiano, Wendy Keys
Cece Cord, John Heimann
Wendy Goodman, Patricia Bosworth
Joan Juliet Buck, April Gow, Roddy Gow
Joan Juliet Buck, Sheila Nevins, Bruce Grivetti
John Heimann, Charlie Scheips, Joan Juliet Buck, Madeline Hale, Bob Balaban
Joan Juliet Buck, Barbara Tober

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