Snooty golf clubs now actually want women to join

Apparently there is hope for gender equality after all!

Exclusive golf clubs, which have historically been places where wealthy men went to smoke cigars and escape their wives, are now actively recruiting female members with  services and classes that might appeal to them, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The reason? Interest in golf is at an all-time low, and the clubs are looking to attract new members — even female members it seems. Women are not so interested in golfing, however, and so these clubs are adding services like spas, yoga and pilates classes, childcare, pools and even golf classes — for women.

“Golf is an anchor,” an official at one country club told the Journal. “But fitness and spa is the future.”

Part of this change also comes from higher golf institution; the Muirfield golf club in Scotland, for instance, was barred from hosting the British Open again until it votes to allow women to become full members.