LLNYC’s newest issue with Bjarke Ingels and Simon Hammerstein is live!

From cerebral architecture and decadent theater to cops for hire and a vagina spa, LLNYC just dropped its new must-read issue.

We’ve got architect Bjarke Ingels on our cover. Inside he tells us about growing up from design’s wunderkind into an established architectural figure — and all the “player hating” that comes with success.

“We got surprisingly successful quickly, that triggers a lot of backlash,” Ingels told LLNYC.

As far as the “wunderkind” label, he said it can’t last.

“You can’t be trusted to do anything until you’ve already done it,” Ingels said. “That’s why it’s been a double-edged sword, this wunderkind label. Of course, it’s good for attention and it’s an easy thing to write, but it’s also been a struggle.”

Also in the issue, we spend a few raucous nights on the town with Simon Hammerstein, grandson of musical theater legend Oscar Hammerstein II and owner of the notorious Box nightclub on the Lower East Side, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Hammerstein hopes that the Box’s permissive and avant-garde environment will be ground zero for an artistic war against Donald Trump.

“The 10-year anniversary was a real moment of reflection for us,” Hammerstein said. “What do we represent now? … It’s a very scary time for people and we aren’t just going to tap dance our way through it. We are going to address it.”

Elsewhere in the issue, we explore the world of “fixers,” the personal security consultants who the wealthy call when they get into trouble with a vengeful ex-mistresses or wayward teenagers. Fixers are typically law enforcement veterans, folks like former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who runs the Kerik Group, which provides crisis management and Bo Dietl, the former New York City Police Detective and media personality who runs the investigation firm Beau Dietl & Associates and whose clients have included Donald Trump.

“Hey look, it’s like anything else — if you got the money you can hire the best,” Dietl told us.

For more on these and other stories — including the city’s top plastic surgeons, a spa that claims it can fix your sex life and best watches, jewelry and gear to take along for spring break — check out the latest issue of LLNYC.