Ambitious guy posts ad looking for an apartment … and a husband

The Secret” teaches us that the only way to get what we want in life is to ask for it.

Well, Zach Zimmerman knew what he wanted in life — an apartment and a husband — and he decided to ask for it in what is definitely one of the most creative housing ads we’ve ever seen.

The Princeton alum posted the note on the Princeton Alumni Network (essentially an Ivy League-branded version of StreetEasy), where he specified he is looking for an apartment that will be a suitable place “to interview my future husbands.” He also added important details about where he likes to spend his time, a very-timely metric for how much he wants to spend, and his embarrassing preference for Manhattan over Brooklyn (shhh).

He has given us permission to reprint the letter in full below.

Subject: Looking for a Home (and a Husband) on 5/1


I’m moving into you in May, and would love your hot takes on housing.

While I’ll be splitting my time between Times Square Olive Garden and the IMAGINE sidewalk art, I do need a place to interview my future husbands.

My specs below:

Location: All my friends are in Brooklyn, but don’t tell them I’m open to Manhattan (just the really cool parts)
Budget: 1-1.5x Hamilton Tickets
Timing: ~5/1/17
Roommates: Gender is a spectrum, age is a number

Zach Zimmerman Apostrophe Ten

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