Waldorf Astoria’s Art Deco interiors get landmark status

The interiors of the Waldorf Astoria hotel were designated a New York City landmark earlier this morning, when the Landmarks Commission voted swiftly and unanimously to preserve its famed Art Deco decor.

“The Waldorf Astoria Hotel has some of the most internationally renowned rooms in all of New York City,” Meenakshi Srinivasan, the chair of the Landmarks Commission, said in a statement, reports Curbed. “Today’s action not only protects the rich and beautifully detailed art-deco features of the hotel’s interior public spaces, it also preserves the unique experience of moving through the hotel’s varied interiors, which countless New Yorkers and visitors have enjoyed for more than eight decades.”

The interiors now join the hotel’s exteriors — which were landmarked back in 1993.

Last week the hotel shuttered for a three-year renovation and partial condo conversion. Plans include turning the top 31 floors into 321 apartments. There will be 840 hotel rooms on the fifth through 13th floors.