This is the place billionaires go to hid from the pitchforks

By now you’ve probably heard that billionaires and their ilk are buying up New Zealand, you know, because of the apocalypse. Among paranoid hedge funders and Silicon Valley savants, New Zealand seems like the perfect, isolated self-sufficient escape from the pitch-fork armed masses.

Interested in joining them? Here is what the aspiring deep-pocketed doomsday prepper needs to know.

First you are going to want to get dual citizenship — which can be achieved via dropping a lot of cash into the local economy and hiring a decent lawyer.

Next check out out North Island, where Peter Thiel, James Cameron, and Julian Robertson are hedging there bets against the forthcoming doom, according to Vogue.

Cameron has an organic farm in Wairarapa. Thiel owns two properties: an oceanfront glass home in the Bay of Islands and another on the South Island outside Queenstown. And Robertson owns three, five-star lodges in places like Hawke’s Bay and Northland.

Other locals perfect for building your underground silo are Northland, Taupo, Hawke’s Bay, and Palliser Bay — and according to Vogue they are great to just visit, too.

And finally, you are going to want a private jet at the ready and accommodation for your pilot and their family when you arrive.

Got it? Good.