Per Se lures millennials with discount meals

After suffering bad reviews and a costly dispute with workers, Thomas Keller’s famed Per Se restaurant is attempting to draw a new customer base: cash-strapped millennials.

The Time Warner Center restaurant just launched a new program called “30-for-30 Dining Experience,” a one-night special where 30 tables are reserved for people under the age of 30, according to Eater.

A normal meal at Per Se averages at $325 for a nine-course dinner. But the under-30 crowd will enjoy a smaller seven-course meal for $175.

The program aims to “continue to usher in a new generation of fine diners!”, according to an invite posted by Bloomberg critic Richard Vines.

Keller added in an email statement that he was inspired to try the program by three-star Michelin restaurant Auberge de l’Ill in France, where chef Marc Haeberlin has pulled a similar stunt.

So if you are young and hungry, you better act fast, as Keller plans to run the program infrequently so that it will “remain a special occasion.” [Eater]