Only the richest and sexiest people can join this secret Tinder app

Tinder, the go-to app for absolutely anyone looking for a date (or maybe just a good time), has now gone super fancy and created a secret version of the app for elite users.

Known as Tinder Select, TechCrunch reports that the clandestine version has been around for at least six months and it caters to CEOs, supermodels, and generally rich, high-profile and attractive folk.

It’s “for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder,” one user told TechCrunch.

People deemed worthy of Tinder Select are reportedly invited by Tinder themselves, or by select existing members. Once nominated though, you won’t be able to nominate anyone else, a feature that prevents the app from spreading uncontrollably.

Tinder is by no means the first dating app to cater to an exclusive set. In 2015 Millionaire Match, a dating website for the “wealthy & attractive,” launched a new feature, Luxury Show, on their app that which allowed users to upload photos of their most expensive items to prove to prospective mates that they are, in fact, really rich.