Bottled air is the next best thing

In polluted cities like Beijing and Delhi, clean air is luxury. So why not capitalize off of it? Just last year, Aethaer, a British company, began selling glass jars full of–you guessed it–air. It’s not just any air though, it’s air from “wild untouched meadows to wind-kissed hilltops” and is evidently worth $100 per jar.

Respiratory problems cause approximately 4,000 deaths every day in China, and a Chinese factory recently ordered 100 jars of Aethaer’s bottled air.

England isn’t the only country to bring this Lorax movie idea to life. Canada has its very own brand called Vitality Air that collects air from the Rocky Mountains. Co-founder Troy Paquette expressed his worry for China by saying, “If China remains looking like it does right now, then absolutely I can see clean air becoming a commodity.”

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is “the world’s largest single environmental health risk” as it leads to 3 million deaths each year, which is more than double the worldwide death rate for automobile accidents.

Even Paris has surpassed emergency levels for toxic smog. I guess we’ll all be saying au revoir to clean air sooner than we hoped. [Departures]