Obviously, the Landmarc restaurant is suing the Landmark restaurant

When we first heard that Major Food Group was planning to rename the former Four Seasons Restaurant in the Seagram building “Landmark,” we noted that it sounded just a leeetle bit too similar to Marc Murphy’s existing Landmarc restaurant in Tribeca and the Time Warner Center.

Well, no surprise, but we weren’t the only ones who noticed the similarity. Murphy filed a trademark lawsuit against Major Food Group on Tuesday for using a name that is so similar to Landmarc that it “will create confusion and mistakes among its clientele.”

Murphy trademarked the names Landmarc, Landmarc Tribeca and Landmarc by Marc Murphy, and the suit accuses the Major Food Group of taking the name Landmark “to draw upon the reputation and goodwill of the Plaintiff and the Plaintiff’s brand.”

The suit claims that lawyers for Murphy and Major Food Group exchanged letters, but an “amicable resolution was never reached,” hence the need for the lawsuit.

“When pronounced, the words Landmark and Landmarc are phonetically identical,” the lawsuit argues, which makes them subject to trademark protection. The two restaurants will be less than a mile away from each other and will both be “marketed to the same type of customers, seeking high quality fine dining in New York City.”

Landlord Aby Rosen and Major Food Group declined to comment to the Post [NYP]