Photo proves that Trump is literally holding his life together with scotch tape

If the angry protests around the country and the daily revelations of staffers meeting with Russians aren’t enough proof that President Donald Trump may not have the best handle on his presidency (or his life), then we invite you to check out the following image:

Yes, you saw that correctly. The President of the United States is currently walking around with three — count them! — pieces of Scotch tape on his tie.

Trump has been caught with tape on his tie before, but it was always two pieces that appeared to be keeping the skinny piece from poking out since he wears his ties so long. The three pieces of tape this image captures are more mysterious because there seems to be no reason for them.

Are they strictly ornamental? A present to those of us who love looking at pictures of him struggle in the wind? Or are his ties so poorly made (in China!) that they can’t stay together on their own?

WikiLeaks, you may be our only hope for finding out the truth.