Jeff Koons ordered by French court to pay $47K for plagiarizing photo

“Naked” sculpture and artist Jeff Koons (credit: and Chris Fanning via Wikimedia)

Famed American artist Jeff Koons has just been convicted of plagiarizing a photo.

A French court ruled that Koons’ 1988 “Naked” sculpture infringes on the copyright of a black-and-white photograph by the late French artist Jean-François Bauret, reports Radio France Internationale.

Part of Koons’ 1980s “Banality” series, the porcelain statue depicts two nude children standing together. In Bauret’s original photo, two nude children are seen holding hands.

Although Koons reportedly made some creative changes, including the addition of a bouquet in the boy’s hand and flowers at their feet, the court found they were not enough to “prevent one from recognizing and identifying the models and the pose.”

Koons’ company, Jeff Koons LLC, along with Parisian art museum Centre Pompidou, will have to pay €40,000 ($43,000) to the right holders of Bauret’s image. The company will have to pay an additional €4,000 ($4,300) to the Bauret family for posting a photo of “Naked” on Koons’ website.

The museum, which did not display the sculpture, was found guilty of copyright infringement for having included images of the sculpture in books and other publications.

[Radio France Internationale]

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