Forget hiring a wedding photographer — really cool people are hiring wedding painters

Photographers are so over; forget hashtags, keep your photo booths, and may your drones be downed by falcons. The only way to truly capture your wedding in 2017 is with an actual, honest-to-god painter.

It’s the hottest wedding trend, reports The Knot, and we’re actually pretty into it.

“I really enjoy being able to make the happiest day of someone’s life extra special by capturing it as a work of art,” live painter Katherine Gressel told The Knot.

One of the biggest challenges Gressel explained, is trying to get a detailed painting done all in one day. “I really try to get all the main elements into the painting before the party ends, so the guests can see what looks like a finished painting on their way out—but I usually do take the painting back to the studio to make sure all the most important details and guests are recognizable.”

Typically, Gressel likes to arrive four hours early to start painting the background, and will then begin to add the important things like the happy couple and guests. And best of all, if you want certain people omitted from the scene (your drunk Uncle Ted, for instance), you don’t even need to use PhotoShop. “Everyone has different preferences about who and what they want captured, and if I know this ahead of time, it avoids having to make too many changes to the painting after the wedding.”

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