The newest (and tastiest) museum in New York is the chocolate museum

Chocoholics rejoice! There’s a new niche-food museum in town, and this one is all about the cocoa bean.

New York City’s Museum of Chocolate is now open at 350 Hudson Street. Officially called “Choco-Story New York: The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres,” the sweet spot shares information on everything you could ever want to know about chocolate — from its origins in Mayan and Aztec civilizations to its transformation from humble cocoa bean to tasty delight.

But if learning about chocolate is less important to you than actually eating some, have no fear. The museum is still the spot for you. Education aside, one can take a very tasty tour including samples of Mayan hot chocolate and chocolate truffles, along with selections of dark, milk and white chocolates. There are blends and single-origin chocolates available.

And don’t be afraid to try it at home: classes in chocolate-making will also be offered. [Gothamist]

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