Wine-infused coffee isn’t the sophisticated vodka Red Bull it sounds like

Everyone likes wine. And who doesn’t like coffee? It seems like it was only a matter of time before someone married the two. The geniuses at a Nappa Valley cafe called Molinari Private Reserve decided that two great tastes would taste even better together and voila! Welcome: wine-infused coffee.

According to Elle Decor, the product smells like wine, but tastes like coffee — with a hint of blueberry. But strangely, the more milk one adds the more pronounced the wine flavor becomes. The beverage can be served both hot or chilled.

Unsure about whether to imbibe in morning or evening? Have no fear, you won’t get drunk because the coffee is actually alcohol free. Still, the complex mashup is priced more along the lines of booze than a cup of joe. Stores around Napa Valley (and online) are offering it for $20.

And it seems to be a hit, selling out online. Make ours a grande. [Elle Decor]