Ireland’s Guinness castle hits the market asking $30M

Ireland’s Guinness Beer Castle, situated a little south of the city of Dublin, has hit the market for $29.5 million — that’s more than 4 million pints.

The castle, also known as Luggala, was given by Ernest Guinness to his daughter, Guinness-beer heiress Oonagh (whose formal title was Lady Oranmore and Browne). She lived their until her death in 1995.

The castle sits 5,000 acres and lies within its original 18th-century gardens surrounded by old Irish oaks, lawns, heather and wildflowers. Luggala itself is a 19,099-square-foot former hunting lodge and comes with a total of 27 bedrooms and 18 full bathrooms.

“All the things that I like about it make it, in a way, rather different to other places,” Garech Browne Browne, the 77-year-old founder of Claddagh Records, a music label, told the Wall Street Journal. 

Also on the grounds is a “main house” with seven bedrooms, a dining room, three main reception rooms and library. Then there’s a four-bedroom guest house and a further seven lodges and cottages within the estate.

While it the hands of Oonagh, the castle became a venue for lavish gatherings.

“Nobody could keep away: Dublin intelligentsia, literati, painters, actors, scholars, hangers-on, toffs, punters, poets, social hang-gliders were attracted to Luggala as to nowhere else in Ireland – perhaps even in Europe, from where many would come,” wrote The Independent, in Oonagh’s obituary.